Shin Joho Center is a research organization authorized by the Japanese government in 1972, specializing in opinion polls and marketing research.
 The network of 11 major branch offices throughout Japan, with 46 highly experienced staff and a fieldwork force of 950 interviewers, provides the top-quality opinion, marketing and media researches at the highest level of competence.
 We are the most accomplished and knowledgeable practitioners in data collection, processing and analysis, as well as for accurate investigation today. With long years of experience in various research projects, we have developed capabilities of understanding and defining research problems in any social and economic context. Our policy is to seek creative and individual treatment for each research problem, through all stages from planning of surveys to data collection processing, analysis,  and to presentation of actionable results and findings for important decision-making. Shin Joho Center has implemented any types of research/survey projects in its years of services to private enterprises, academic institutes, and central/local governments in Japan.

Broadly grouped, the main projects implemented so far are listed in the table below.

Public Opinion Research Pre-Election Surveys
Current Affairs Research
Social Research Urban Planning Studies
Program Evaluations
Educational Research
Consumer Market Research Product Concept Development
Consumer Attitude and Image
Market Segmentation Studies
Consumer Needs Research
Product Acceptability Studies
Package Acceptability Studies
Extended In-Home Use Testing
Advertising Effectiveness
Pre-and Post-Testing Advertisements
Official Statistics Household Expenditure Survey
Consumer Behavior Survey

 In full compliance with the increased public concerns about privacy, Shin Joho has been working hard to protect privacy in the most respectful way. Not only do we operate our business in strict adherence to our privacy policy and "Privacy Mark" regulations, all employees are subject to Shin Joho's very own "PMS" (Privacy Management System) and are highly encouraged to be qualified as Expert in Privacy Protection. Confidentiality is equally acknowledged and implemented into business duties by all employees and throughout the office space.

Yasuto Yoshizoe(President)
Masayo Ando (Manager)
Shin Joho Center, Inc.
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Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (150-0013), Japan
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